XF 2.2 Multiple Users Reporting Incorrect Passwords After A Day Or So


New member

I have a few members on my XenForo 2.2 forum that are unable to log in after hours have past. Each time, I reset their password. Both to something of my choosing, or sending them an e-mailed password reset link.

However, even after resetting their passwords, they claim it works for a while, then when they try logging in the next day, it stops working.

I am using Cloudflare. So my first thought was that it was a cache issue. My caching level is set to Standard, and my Browser Cache TTL is set to 4 hours.

The theme/style I am using is XenDark by Nulumia.

The addons I am running with XenForo are:


Please note this issue is only happening to some people. They are using Password Managers, so they are absolutely sure they are entering the correct password.

There are no Server Errors logged.

Thanks for any support that can be given!