Pass HTML from a field to a template


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For a forum i can use a description with html. This html in can see later under the title of a forum.

Now i have a addon that has just the same style: Use a title and a description with HTML.

I have managed everything to have th field description at the page. But i cant show it as HTML.
With raw i have the plain text, without i have some regexed code.

Now my question: is there a helper or something like

{xen:html $var}

to show $var as html inside the source?

Chris D

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{xen:raw $var}

Be careful of its usage if the $var is a result of user generated text (as in, non-admin users).


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Everything ok.
I had container without raw in template 1 and then a problem in template 2.
Now everything is like it should be. Tahnk you.

$var was only short for variable. :)