XF 2.1 Able to pass VARS to a template from a notice?


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Next chapter in "I'm not so much as a programmer's elbow":

Are you able to pass a variable or anything like that to a template you call in a Notice?

I'm trying to make my regular event notices easier to maintain. If I can pass a few variables through from the template, it will be easier to update thread URL for the event, the teams participating, etc.

The message to be shown when the display criteria are met. You may insert {user_id} to be replaced with the current visitor's unique identifier, {name} to be replaced with their user name and {title} to be replaced with this notice's title.
You may also use {phrase:phrase_title} which will be replaced with the phrase text in the recipient's language, and {template:template_name} which will be replaced with the given public template.
And again, if any developers want to step up and write an addon for me for this, I'm happy to hear you out, negotiate payment and so on.
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