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[Paid Work] View own threads only


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This is a feature that's absolutely vital for us before we can move our main board over to xf, and we want to move asap. We were hoping to see it integrated into the core or an addon released before we reached this point, but that hasn't happened... so we're willing to pay someone to do it.

Here's the discussion thread about it: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/suggestion-permission-system-view-own-threads-only.2820/page-2

We need it to work so that only the original poster and the senior staff members can view those posts, and so we can set a particular forum to have that feature.

If someone thinks they can do this, please get in touch with me because we absolutely cannot move over to xf without it. It's of vital importance for our community.



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Thanks Brogan. Our target is to move our board over by August, so if 1.1 is released by then, it might be worth waiting, but if not we'd really need to have someone working on an addon for us before then so it was ready in time (all things going well).