Add-on Paid Request - Changes to TaigaChat


I am using TaigaChat as the shoutbox at the top of my board. I was wondering if someone could make some changes to it and i'll pay.

Some things I want
- The ability for users to use the /me command so instead of User: Says stuff its /me lol and it displays *User lol*
- A sticky note that admins/staff can edit so like /sticky Hi welcome to our shoutbox would display 'Hi welcome to our shoutbox' in a little bar at the top
- Ability for mods to /prune the shoutbox and /ban users from the shoutbox
- Posts to display when replied to or created in the shoutbox eg *User just created the thread Hi and the same but replied to the thread (Could use /me above)

Is anyone able to do this? It would be great and I am willing to pay

XFShout had the features that I want just the lack of updates and now how the project is inactive has made it useless. TaigaChat is obviously the way to go. These features would be amazing as default.

Also the inactivity is weird for TaigaChat I find that you sometimes can flick back to the window and see no new messages but then when you click to write one heaps come through or something. Would be good to have a check for new messages every x amount of time or something to alert you that you are inactive and a little button to "Click to become active"