Add-on [PAID REQUEST] TaigaChat Modification - Channel Support

Hello, I have purchased XenForo 1.3 and have the latest TaigaChat Pro 1.2.0.


To be able to select subforums which have a chat box above it just like the default box on the main node list. These chat rooms would need to be separate conversations.

Also to have a fly out menu of some kind showing the chat channels available and selecting one will join it with tabs to switch back and forth.

Integrate with two other addons that I am making which is a user experience leveling system which will mostly replace the Trophy system and a tipping system using digital currencies. This integration is important, but I would still accept the chat channel function alone as a plugin, and a future request for the integration once the other two addons are complete would be great.

Please let me know if you can securely make this modification and let me know how much you require to complete it.