Style [paid] Paying to have two small problems solved

Greetings. I'm having two extremely basic problems with a new site I launched a week or so ago. I would like to pay someone to solve them for me as soon as possible. I think it would only be a couple of hours work at most for someone who knows what they are doing. The issues I need solving are:

- I tried to install a font to use for forum node titles, navigation bar, thread titles, basically anything except content text. I'm extremely new at this and despite my best efforts to follow the very clear instructions I found, I can't seem to do it. I don't think there is any issue other than my own incompetence, and as such I don't think it will take any longer for an experienced person than it usually would to install a font and set which parts of the site will use it.

- Forum node icons aren't displaying properly. This may be due to me doing something wrong, or due to some kind of issue with an addon/style I'm using. Again, I think the solution will turn out to be something very simple. The style in question is from PixelExit, but I've already hassled them about other stuff and really don't want to ask them to fix this, especially as I'm not even sure if it's anything to do with them.

As I said, I'd really love to get these things solved as soon as possible. If anyone could give me a time and cost estimate for me to pay them to do it, please do.

The site in question can be found at though it's dead at the moment as it's new and lacks many features that I'm hoping to have implemented in the coming weeks and months.