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Add-on [PAID]Look inside.

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by arcaneex, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. arcaneex

    arcaneex Active Member

    I need a plugin/add-on that:

    1)Read from database , from xf_user , column name steam_auth_id.
    2)Define a variable with the data that it took from the database. ( Let's say $var )
    3)Put the $var in the link. ( http://steamrep.com/api/beta/reputation/$var(or add ?json=1 at the end to make it json (Working example of the link: http://steamrep.com/api/beta/reputation/76561197971691194)
    4)Get the XML or JSON contents , save it to the database under the same line ( user ) which it took $var from , but under the column named steam_rep

    Few things:
    I have complete rights to my database.
    I have no control over the link, it's external.
    Database: MySQL
    I need it done for every user in my database , and any future ones.

    I'm paying 50$ for this, please let me know.

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