Add-on [PAID] H1 and Title Tag custom


Hello, I 'm looking for someone that develop this addon, obviously paid:

1> the ability to change the H1 Title of each node (forum) or child forum, and category:
if I have a child forum called "MOTOR" in the parent forum "Fiat 500" users will see the H1 title change "MOTOR" only when they are inside the child, but they still see the default name in the parent node.
(I hope I explained myself)

2> The possibility to modify the tag title "<title> Julia </ title> of each node.

In photo the two red arrows.


This should only be changed if the relevant fields are filled, otherwise it shows the default xenForo name.
The custom "of the text entry fields", it would be better to place them somewhere in the edit node page.

Sorry for my English.
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There is hope: