Lack of interest Improvements needed to the user name css and title system

Stuart Wright

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The default user title ladder works on only one of tropies, messages or length of membership.
The usergroup promotions, on the other hand, work on a variety of the above and other criteria.
Because we use a mixture, we don't have any user title ladder as it's not appropriate.
The problem is that we want to display a user's name in italics if they are in a specific usergroup, but we don't want to change their user title.
With the current system, we can't use the default title ladder because we promote up the usergroups on a mixture of trophies, messages and length of membership.
And we don't want to override the user title.
So neither of the two options in the 'Override User Title' radio button choice are appropriate and because the username css is tied to the user title, it's useless.
So the username css needs to be applicable for the usergroup irrespective of the user title.

Harpers Tate

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It would make more sense (to me, at least) if the two options were
@ Use Custom Title [ (specified) ]
@ Do nothing (i.e. similar to the "not set" permission concept used elsewhere - wholly transparent)