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[Paid] Dice for Role Play


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I've requested my old thread to be deleted, as this one has a lot more thought into it and isn't a free request. Our forums is going to have a role play section, and me and my co-admin with community feedback are working on dice mod ideas. What we need is this -

1 - 30 role-able dices. Out of which a user should be able to select how many dices he/she wants to role

A total of 30 dice options, but I don't want to roll them all together. An added option of selecting how many dices to roll. Example, if I select 3 dices, only 3 dices should roll and not more.

2 - Each dice should contain numbers 0 to 9

3 - The roll should not be editable, after the dice has been rolled I don't want it showing on the post (before the post is made). While typing content/creating reply the roll dice option should just say "Dice rolled" or something similar to that and display the rolled numbers only after the reply is posted. And of course you understand why I don't want it to be editable, edit shouldn't let a member edit the rolled numbers.

4- Ability to only roll in certain forums, I don't want dice roll outside my rp forums. But this isn't that important if it's difficult.

We are willing to pay 40$ for this, and hope you'll help us fix issues if any arise. We'll be having a testing with a beta roleplay so that all members may use the dice and let us know their feedback on it. So if there are any edits to be done or issues to be fixed we'll contact you. If the edit is major were ready to pay an extra (say if we want a new feature to be added).