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I am looking at quite an extensive addon for my site for roleplays. I have seen various mods (mainly by @Waindigo) that do certain things which I believe will make my request possible.

I will say now that this request is quite extensive, and as such I am willing to discuss reasonable pricing.

So firstly, here is an example of a standard role play on my site:

General Example

A member creates a roleplay. A roleplay will normally have the following elements:
  • GM – Games Master (can be singular or multiple) – controls the roleplay and for intents and purposes moderates it.
  • Players – Members who sign up to the roleplay, normally by submitting character bios.
  • Character bios – Is bio with required fields dictated by the GM, filled out the player, approved by the GM. Any updates normally require GM approval as well.
  • OOC Thread – Out of Character thread – normally this is a special thread for players to discuss the roleplay whilst not being in character
  • Game Thread / Chapters – Specific threads where players post as their character. Depending on the size of the roleplay there may be many or just one.
  • Supporting Threads – Depending on the type size of the roleplay, there may be additional threads for extra information etc.
Now for the developer I can fully map out how I want this to work, but in a very brief overview I would like:

  • Addon active in specified node(s)
  • User creates roleplay through a custom roleplay CP, specifying required variables like bio fields etc.
  • Each roleplay is created in its own node, with all relevant threads etc being kept in that one area.
  • Designed GM's have certain mod permissions in that specific roleplay area.
  • Thread / Posting options can be specified per RP by GM. For example the option to put the players character name in place of their username when posting in game threads, or to make all posting anonymous etc
  • Ability to apply hidden statuses to bios at start of game, only visible to GM and receiving player.
Is anyone interested in developing this. As I said, I can provide much more detail (I am a Business Analyst by trade, so I can provide all the detail you need :) ).



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Hi @Iversia

Thanks for the comment, I had a quick quick and your forum is very nice work. In regards to your roleplay modifications, did you have them created as an addon (that you might be willing to share / jointly develop further) or is to direct modification?

Here is an example of a roleplay on my site:

This was our biggest one run over a few years and around 50 chapters. It is for ongoing role plays like this that I want to develop this type of addon.


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@Disciple of Nagash

Yes, it's all an add-on that I've created myself. However it's coupled tightly with my Glim/currency add-on. To be honest, I haven't come across much demand for a thing like this. There are perhaps 5-10 roleplaying/writing games that I can think of offhand that are currently using XenForo. That's the largest reason as to why I haven't made any efforts to package it up for release.

That said, you should be able to create something a little similar using Waindigo's custom fields:

I've also seen people getting creative and modifying Showcase in order to use it to display character profiles: