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I'm seeking a highly skilled, highly professional, Styles Developer and Graphic Artist to create a unique and custom theme for my forum.

My Website:

My Website is a fansite based on an upcoming MMORPG. Currently there is no imagery for this MMORPG nor much information about the game as it is still in development. There is no ETA for the release of this game.

A little bit about the style:
I'm not going to go into too much detail in public. I'm looking for a completely custom theme from a default installation of XenForo 1.2. The theme will likely be Graphic Intensive and a very solid understanding of Photoshop will be required to create the theme I am seeking. You will have to create some Graphics and Graphic Effects yourself, others I can provide you with. I have a full listing of what I need, including image demonstrations that I will share privately. If you find a stock type image we can use, I will buy this for your work.

Your Requirements:
  • Attention to Detail
  • Expert XenForo Styles Developer and understanding of XenForo styles coding for new version 1.2
  • Expert Photoshop Graphic Designer
  • Skype
Payment Process:

I am trying to pay in the neighborhood of $700. A little more/A little less. But I need you to understand that this comes out of my pocket so I cannot pay this price in one lump sum. I'll have to spread it out over the course of a few pay periods. Here's my proposed offer:
20% Upfront Payment
30% Halfway Payment
25% Mostly done but needs some extra TLC in some areas
25% Final Payment when all issues are resolved and we both agree the project was completed successfully.
Payments through Paypal or

A little bit about my Client history:

I've been with oDesk for years now and have over $3,000 total spent billing. I have a perfect 5 out of 5 star user rating from 30 different Contractor ratings.

Small excerpt:

-Further proof available upon request

Theme & Code Ownership:

In effort to avoid doubt or confusion, the style created is owned by the Developer (you) until such a time where the agreed upon price of such work is made in full wherein the Client (me) receives full copyright and ownership of the code, style, graphics, icons, and other such material used to create this style such as but not limited to all graphic .AI and/or .PSD file types. During the development stages wherein ownership resides with the Developer, the Developer may not redistribute any of the material to any other parties that is not expressly consented to by the Client except where the Client defaults on payment for a period of 14 days.
Express Delivery Amendment- Providing express service may require additional time for payment. Thereby, Client and Developer shall discuss a reasonable period for payment deliveries before the Developer is allowed to publicly redistribute this style.

KISS- You own it til I pay for it. If for any reason I cannot finish the payment within 2 weeks after we agree the project is done, then you have full rights to redistribute publicly and charge for the style to recoup income. However, I'm basing your work period to be around 45-60 days. If you finish the job in one week, we're going to have to make some sort of payment arrangement because I need to balance payments throughout my pay periods.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

The Developer may not share information about the projected styles creation to outside third parties without express permission of the Client. This includes potential developers that inquire about the project and decline the task.

KISS- Whether you're doing it or not, don't talk about my project with others please.

If you're interested:

Send me a PM with some of your previous work. Include any gaming related or graphic intensive designs as these are more likely to appeal to my senses. You can send previous work on other Forum Software as long as you at least have knowledge on style creation for XenForo.

If I like what I see I'll send you a response detailing what I need for my site. You can decide if it's something you'd be interested in creating as well as the price you're asking for.
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