Making a custom style (for absolute beginners)

Making a custom style (for absolute beginners)

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Making a custom style (for absolute beginners) - No coding necessary!

This is for anyone completely new to xenForo who may have just started a forum but wants to customise the colors to give it more personalised look. There is no need to know any kind of coding or graphic design - although you will of course want to have your own logo so we'll start with that bit. You can get a logo from any of the online logo generators such as Looka or hire a graphic designer (there are...

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Please note I didn’t put it there, I just wrote a normal resource post, apparently it’s a bug.
I got that. 👍 The bug is that the text ended up there with colored BBCodes around it.

But the bigger picture is that posts shouldn't even have the ability to use colored text. The bug you found illustrates how the text can appear illegible depending on the theme/style a person might be using. We understand it here (as we are admins of our own forums) but the average users out there can't understand the reason why colored text is bad.
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