How to add custom style to a single post


New member
The idea is that a moderator's announcement is a prominent notice - not like a standard post that they may make in the course of a discussion. Because of that, it is necessary to add some loud styling to the post to grab the attention of any reader who might otherwise be scrolling past the post without reading it.

It can be achieved by adding a big heading and making the text red, and maybe an icon graphic or whatever. What I would like, is for the moderator to select a predefined classname for the post, and the CSS can then make the post have thick red borders, adjust the font and colours etc.

I thought there is maybe already a plugin that can provide the necessary functionality, but I haven't been able to find one. So I'm asking if anyone maybe knows of a plugin that can achieve this:
  1. It adds a button in the RTE, and the button enables a user to select a predefined classname for the post, or to add a classname as a freetext field.
  2. There would be a custom template override for the selected style from step 1, that enables us to create a customised layout with embedded heading/graphics etc.
  3. The step 1 buttons in the RTE should be configurable to make options available to only members of given groups - thereby we can enable the feature for moderators only.

If such a plugin doesn't already exist, maybe you know of another way to achieve it that goes beyond simply copy/paste of a predefined message template inside the article.message-body.