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Add-on [Paid] Addon Refactoring

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by John L., Mar 6, 2016.

  1. John L.

    John L. Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a XenForo developer who might be willing to refactor a XenForo addon I had developed some time ago. The addon can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/jljr222/sourcebans-xenforo-sync

    Essentially the addon currently syncs users from XenForo to a third-party application called SourceBans++. You can read more about that addon here: https://sbpp.sarabveer.me/

    I have a handful of features I'd like to add, nothing crazy and also do a sanity check on the code to ensure it's optimal. Give me a PM here if you're interested with an idea of pricing. Budget is very small, not looking for anything crazy, so if it's over $150 USD then I won't be interested. Thanks for your time!

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