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page in link is getting truncated

I have an addon where I have an own tab in profile:
Everything works fine (view, ...) but now I wanted to add paging via xen: pagenav.
One curious thing now is happening:
Everytime I add &page=2 to my url, it is deleted.

For example:
-> i get: http://domain.com/members/admin.1/#mytab

-> i get: http://domain.com/members/admin.1/?jump=1#mytab

-> i get: http://domain.com/members/admin.1/?page2=3#mytab

Why is this?
Where do I have to look for the error?
ok, i found the problem...
-> XenForo_ControllerPublic_Abstract ->
public function canonicalizePageNumber($page, $perPage, $total, $linkType, $linkData = null)

* Ensures that the page that has been requested is valid based on the total
* number of results. If it's not valid, the page is redirected to the last
* valid page (via a response exception).

I have only 1 page on the default member-page... (in my addon tab I have multiple pages).
Nevertheless, the param page is being unset...