Xenforo forum is getting crashed when concurrent users in analytics are more than 100


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My website doesn't load or loads too slow when concurrent users in google analytics are more than 100... at this point my website literally stopped loading:-

Here is server configuration:-

Current memory usage as of 2 AM IST (very less traffic and still RAM usage is so high):-

are there any memory leakage issues?? RAM of my server always keeps on increasing.. Alexa Rank of my website is 60,000 (Global rank)... And I have around 3000-4000 Visits per day... Is this configuration not sufficient for website with 4000 unique visitors per day??

I have created one custom page which could be reason of memmory leakage ... even posted about that here:-

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong... Do I need to upgrade my hosting package or there are issues with my code :(


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I agree, you need to add more CPU. In addition, how is your my.cnf looks like?
Are you running Nginx/Apache/Litespeed/something else?
What PHP/Mysql version are you running?


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That processor is more than enough with 6 cores and 12 threads plus 12 meg cache. You need more memory at the very least. In reality you should think about adding a second server for the database and give it a ton of ram.


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Well your ram usage is fine, and the CPU should be good enough for 100 users...

I'll take a bet the issue lies with some addons you have generating stupid queries.

What addons do you have installed?