Won't fix  Overlays bigger than window

Jeremy P

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Predicting this is "Wont Fix" or "As Designed" but thought I'd mention anyways.

I have a long-ish form that was linked from an OverlayTrigger. Unfortunately, users with smaller resolutions could only view part of the form. Since overlays are position: fixed;, scrolling doesn't work.

As a work-around, I've written a custom JS function that basically compares the position of the bottom of the form with the height of the window viewport. If it comes up short, it redirects to the standalone page for the form.



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I'm assuming this is custom code? If so, then it's won't fix. I wouldn't really recommend long forms in overlays on the whole, as the overlay can be quite easy to accidentally dismiss.

Though as a note, there's the OverlayScroller class (or a similar name). It's primarily used with non-form elements, so I'm not sure how it'd look visually in a form overlay.

Jeremy P

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Custom code, yes. The form isn't too long really, but long enough to have a few users complain about the issue. I'm not really concerned with it being dismissed, as upon reopen it retains input, and haven't heard any complaints about that.

Thanks for pointing out the .overlayScroll class though, it looks alright in a form overlay (had to make some minor css adjustments).