MG 1.1 Phone image uploads bigger than PC


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I have maximum demensions for images set to 800x800. Anything I upload with my laptop resizes to within those limits and reduces the file sizes significantly. When uploading directly from my iphone the full image size is uploaded and displayed. The first image is uploaded from my iphone6 and remained the full size and was about 3 MB. I then downloaded that photo from the website and uploaded again from the PC and the photo was resized within the allowed constraints and the file is much smaller. Is there a setting for mobile uploads that will force the image to resize as it does from a PC?

IMG_2594 (1).JPG

Chris D

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I think you're going by the EXIF data here.

If you check the dimensions of the first image, you will see that it is 600 x 800 which demonstrates to me that it has been successfully resized. The actual image is 121KB, not 3MB.

The EXIF information is always the information we grab from the image before it is resized. This is done because the resize process actually removes the EXIF information.

So, this is all working as expected.