Optimizing Image Uploads automatically


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Xenforo has a great built in image uploader and I am able to set the size I need within the control panel.

The issue I have is if I set the size both in physical size or MB size too low the user gets an oops the image could not be uploaded message.

I had an old forum that had an extension where I was able to specify a maximum upload image size and mb size and the extension did everything automatically.

For instance it would reduce the image to max 750 pixel size and reduce the amount of mb's needed for upload.
The user never got an error trying to upload an image that was too big because everything was handled automatically.

I saw an extension

However that one is not quite like what I am asking for, anyone know of an extension that does what I am asking for?

@AndyB do you have something similar?

The main reason I am asking is I notice a lot of images on my forum can be almost 1mb in size and that adds up pretty fast.

Also for some reason whenever people post phone screen shots from mobile they are absolutely huge and I have to go in and edit them.
xf2.3 is going to have webp support. if they support automated conversion at time of upload, this would save a lot of hassles for forum admins!
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