Otaku Hub


Site URL - http://otakuhub.org/index.php

Description - The forum is about anime, manga, Japanese culture, video games, and general chatting. There's sections for anime/manga and all of that on the forum. It's still a new forum growing on the famous XenForo software.

The site was originally started back in November of 2012, but it died out and is now back and even better. I used it on IPB originally, then switched on over to XenForo. ;3 We're getting a custom theme done by Russ over on these forums here - http://xenforo.com/community/members/russ.296/
This is my first time experience with having a reasonable priced custom theme made for me, and so I'm hoping it will be pretty awesome!

Features *TO BE ADDED*
Awards System
Chatbox / Shoutbox
Arcade (for contests, just for fun, and whatever)
And more to be added soon!


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Yes nice looking, clean design. I'm really beginning to like the use of avatars on the main forum page for the last posters, it adds a nice bit of colour to a site.