Indie Creator Hub

Opened back in Oct but decided in checking out a new community system soon after, I had moved things to that. Coming back to Xenforo as I've always felt at home here, I've reset things back to how they were.

Indie Creator Hub provides a place that independent creators and game developers can come together to share their experiences and resources. Posting indie game reviews helps provide insights to potential players and offers supportive criticism to the developers. Insights to alternative platforms that creators might be interested in, whether they are looking to expand or move from their current streaming platforms.

ICH New.pngDesigned the site to have a more minimalist look which also helps in speeding things up in loading times. Using AC.ui from Themehouse, which I know isn't being maintained as it once was not ideal. I can focus on getting content on the site first and then worry about a more custom look later down the road if needed. I wanted the site to also look its best while being viewed on a mobile device.

Come check it out and let me know of anything unusual, constructive criticism is always welcomed.