OS X 10.7 Developer Preview


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Apple has released Mac OS X 10.7 Developer Preview today to members of its developers' program, Mac Developer Program.

The first available build brings in many new features expected in the public release of Mac OS X 10.7 of Summer 2011 including: Mail 5, full screen apps, launchpad, Mission Control, gestures and many more features.

Is anyone here in the developer program? It's a download via the Mac App Store. A promotion code is generated for you to download the build.


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Are they ever going to fix their ability for apps to rescale so you can change the base system font size and have everything scale accordingly so it doesn't break the apps layout? It's 2011 Apple. Either that or stick to low res screens where it doesn't matter. Windows can do this since day 1. You can't frickin read a 17" display in native resolution everything is so small. Apple suggests to lower your screen resolution. Nice solution. Fix your resolution dependent layout. Yes I know Apple developers will all have to update their code, and the longer you don't address this flaw the more pain it will cause in the future. Ho hum. OK, that's all. :)


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Yes, I'm in the ADC. Been using the Lion preview for the past few hours. It's very stable and most of the new features are actually working quite well. There are a few rough edges, especially with some icons, but these will obviously be cleaned up with subsequent builds.

As for resolution independence, it's apparently very challenging for Apple. First it was coming in Leopard, then Snow Leopard and now we don't know when it's coming.


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I have it installed. First time, after boot, sound wouldn't work.

Now after reboot it does. Parallels Desktop, Dropbox so far don't work.


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well it doesn't
which version of mac os do you have ?
I'm now on 10.7, I'm sure the option was in 10.6.6 at least.

Downloading it now.....

Has anyone tried moving some of the new apps, like mail 5 into 10.6.6?
I'm not sure, but I think Mail 5 has some dependencies only found in 10.7

Then a higher price would be fair
Look forward to hearing about your future experiences with 10.7
Thanks. I'll be posting to my blog soon.


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I think I must buy myself a Mac Developersprogram Account (I'm only on iOS-Developerprogram for now). -.-"

All what I've seen from Lion so far, looks so nice, a higher Price for Lion would be fair.