Fixed No lightbox - Chrome 27 / Safari - Mac OS X 10.8

Chris D

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The lightbox is currently not loading for me for images attached to threads or resources.

No javascript errors. No issue on my own site. Not a caching issue as I've just loaded for the first ever time on Safari and the problem is there too.

@Brogan says it is working fine for him.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Heh... confirmed.

My window is as tall as it can be on a 1280 x 800 display (13" Mac Book Pro - non retina) but I have a download sitting in my download bar which shrinks the window by about 30px or so in Chrome.

In Safari I forgot I wasn't logged in :rolleyes:. I get the lightbox logged in on Safari.

Can mark as Not a Bug but would be ideal if the limit could take into account a touch smaller screen size as 13" displays are not uncommon.

Thanks Mike.


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It's worth noting that a great deal of common-or-garden 15" laptops are 1280x800 or smaller, so a limit this small could affect quite a lot of people.


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Mike, how tall does it have to be? Since I haven't gotten Lightbox on my iPhone 5 in while (I'm always in portrait mode).