Lack of interest Option to make custom user field required only during registration

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One way I determine if a new registration is a spammer or not is to look at the custom user field I created called motorcycle. If this field is left blank or the information that is entered is incorrect obviously from a spammer, I delete the registration (I moderate new registrations).

It would be great if the custom user fields had an option to make it required but only during registration.

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That's "field is required" plus "editable only once", no?
I think he's meaning to say that during registration, the custom field is required to be filled in. However, if you go back and edit your profile, you can then delete the value and not receive an error.


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Thank you, King Kovifor, that's exactly the feature I would like to see implemented. Required only during registration, once the registration is approved, the user can delete or edit the information as they see fit.