Lack of interest Option to Import Profile Pictures as Avatars when User Has No Avatar


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For the longest time, I only allowed my members to choose from a pre-defined set of avatars, but they were always allowed to upload a "profile picture" in VB. After running a test import, I find that there's a huge number of members without an avatar simply because they never changed their avatars from one of the default when I started to allow custom avatars.

The suggestion: At least with the VB importer, add an option to import a member's profile picture as their avatar in the event no custom avatar is found for them. It may add a bit more DB impact on the import (I'm not an expert on that), but the idea just came to mind as being really awesome :D. Of course, this would only apply to members who do not have a custom avatar assigned, which in the case of a profile picture and a custom avatar the custom avatar would be imported (or maybe an option can be thrown in for the opposing, whatever you guys decide if you decide to implement this).