Duplicate Option for Nested Replies


Currently, nested quotes can only be done manually when members use bb code and add in the posts of other members between the codes. Using the following as an example...

When I hit the reply button for a post like the one in the picture, only the member's reply shows up in the reply box. It doesn't also include the quoted post (from AgnosticBoy) that the member is replying to.

This makes it hard to follow the discussion because the only way for a reader to know what "which others?" refers to is by reading multiple posts, the member that responded with "which others?" and AgnosticBoy's post. Allowing nested replies, not only gets all of that information in a post copied into the reply box, but it also makes it easier for members to see all of the relevant information in one post.

My suggestion..
Create a one-click option for nested replies so that all information in a post (just like in the picture above) gets copied into a new reply.

This is a standard option for the phpBB forums.
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Not fond of nested replies (I'm on a board with software where all replies are nested unless you highlight a passage to only quote that passage), but they have their purpose as you indicate so having the option to nest or not nest as needed might be nice.
There are two similar suggestions already open:
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