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I am just wondering if anyone knows if there is an add on that allows the node threads to be viewed as tiles with thumbnails or list depending on what the user chooses to view it as? We tried adding on an add on called
[Xenbros] Thread Grid 2.0.1 And when I try and click support it goes to a page that wants me to add an extension to my browser which I find odd. So I am just wondering if there is maybea better add on? This one forces the node threads to be viewed as tiles and it seems to take up s lot of space, especially if there is no image thumbnail in the thread(then it is just a big white box) So I am wondering if there is a better add on for this? I also tried to play with the css..but that was all guessing and I did nto get far. I have no idea how to make a choice between list or grid.

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Sorry maybe a dumb question...I have the custom user field ready to go but not sure how to add a style with node tiles and a style with node lists. Is this more complex coding?
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