XF 1.4 Optimize Keywords for website

I have some keywords I want my site to be found by a little more commonly but I was wondering, how would I go about optimizing my website with these keywords? What are somethings I can do to do this?

Mr Lucky

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I would work on one home (portal) or landing page for a couple of keywords, not the whole site. Page title, heading and well written content on the page with the keywords occurring naturally in the text. Not over used. Also with image or two with keywords in the alt tags.

If you have lots of keywords, then same formula for other pages - only one or two keywords per page. If you are relying on forums rather than pages you generate then it is mor difficult as you are at the mercy of the people who post.

Above all the page should be good enough to encourage other sites to link to it. It can have one or two relevant outward links but not too many.

There are thousands of SEO articles out there, try to sift out the more recent nes as the parameters are constantly changing, and bare in mind a lot of SEO is speculation. It can be useful to read the articles and watch the Videos by Google's Matt Cutts, again make sure they are recent.