Add-on Only allow OP to post replies to own thread


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We have a forum where users should only be able to post replies to threads that they have started. I don't see a way to do this with standard permissions. Is there an addon that accomplishes this?


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That doesn't seem to be what we need. We need basically a new node permission (Can post replies to others' threads) to disable all users from posting any replies to threads that aren't their own in the specified node.


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But once it's locked, even the OP can't make a reply, right? Or can he? If so, that would be perfect. We could write a listener to auto lock threads posted in this particular node.

I tested posting in a locked thread as an admin and it worked fine, but can regular users post in a locked thread if they're the original poster?


In my add-on only the author (and moderators) can post in such author locked threads. The thread must be locked by the author, so if you plan to set a cron for this it would have to be written appropriately.