XF 2.2 Ten-second lag when trying to post replies (cURL error 28)


Around the time I upgraded to the latest version, I'm experiencing a ten second lag when posting replies or clicking reactions to existing posts. This happens about 80% of the time. It makes forum participation frustrating. My error log is also full of errors, over 1000 of these each day:


I'm sure these are related since the connection time out (10 seconds) is the same lag I'm experiencing on the front end. How can I fix this? For my specific account, push notifications are blocked, but I'm still impacted by the error.
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URL unfurling is not working at all either, no matter what URL I use. Here's the error:

The newest upgrade has partially broken my installation. Any help?
You should check your server error logs. Generally this error happens because of server configuration (Try changing DNS of your server) and try disabling addon one by one, sometimes add-on can also lead to performance issues.
so curl works from terminal but fails through xenforo. i can ping from terminal as well. and it was working till just a few hours ago and no changes were made to the server. how do i troubleshoot this lol. i even tried editing resolv file and adding cloudflare and google dns servers to it, it does not change any behavior. i can still successfully curl from terminal but xenforo test tool shows the error 28. quite annoying.
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