XF 2.2 Allow users to delete a thread if it only contains their posts


It is possible for users to delete their own posts if the necessary permission is set. I have it set in my forum. But why isn't it possible for users to delete a thread that contains ONLY their posts? Is there a way, a setting, or an addon that will allow users to do this?
If they delete the first post it will delete the whole thread. But I think they need delete own thread permission to do this . This relies on the time limit set for delete own posts.
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Just tried this, if I enable "delete own thread", the user can delete threads even when it has other users messages. I want the user to only be able to delete his thread if the thread only has HIS messages.
Sorry I misunderstood. I didn't realise you wanted the permission only to apply if there were no other users posts.

I was assuming there was some situation where posts were not replied to, e.g certain forums where replies by others are not allowed. I have an addon (user essentials) that lets you deny replying to others' threads
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