Allow users to only reply once to a thread?


Is there a means to allow users to only reply to a thread one time? We from time to time have giveaways on our forum. To enter we simply let people reply to a thread to be entered. Then draw a number at random to correspond to the number of posts in the thread. Undoubtedly we end up with people trying to enter multiple times. (Some intentional and some mistakely) Is there any means to restrict users to only one reply in specific threads or forums with the stock xF software? Or perhaps is there an add-on that could do it?
If you use a particular node for the contests (or create one) you could do it with this add-on, and set the flood rate high as to not be able to reply again during the contest.
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Core XF has no options to limit replies like you want. Maybe there is an addon but I think I haven't seen one.

What you could do is just create a poll like this:

You can even set a timeframe when the poll will be closed automatically. You can see the list of people who voted.

Alternatively these addons might be for you

I had thought about a poll, but that doesn't assign people a number like a post number does. And tapatalk doesn't play well with polls.
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