XF 1.5 [object Object] for New Reply

We are using XenForo 1.5.14 with the UI.X theme. When someone replies to a thread that I have posted in, I get a notice near the bottom of the page that says I have a new reply. However, recently instead of saying you have a new reply, it says the following:

[object Object]

What would cause the message saying that there is a new reply to turn into a message that says "[object Object]"? Also, where would the setting or coding be located that would affect this? Thank you!


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That would be something coming from JavaScript and would indicate a bug in some JS. I would expect that it would be related to a custom style or an add-on, so to debug, you'll need to confirm on the default style and if it continues, you'll need to disable add-ons one-by-one until you can identify which is causing it.