XF 1.3 notice for guests - spiders issue


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if u put a notice to show for guests its being indexed by spiders which causes the same irrelevant msg to be shown in all pages. with vbseo u could make the notice not being indexed by spiders. any idea how to do that in xf ?

Chris D

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It's really not a good idea to show different content to search engines vs your normal users. It is actually in violation of Google's terms, and no doubt many other search engines.

The spider indexes the entire page, not parts of it. If you're referring to the summary text of search results, then Google will decide itself what text to show you based on what you searched for.

Chris D

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That search expression is correct.

You're searching for the word "site" and the word xenmediagallery.com.

The correct search term to see content for a single site is site:xenmediagallery.com

(The space makes it search completely differently).

My results:


Not a single notice appears there.


You searched for site and xenmediagallery.com.

So, Google shows you the text it finds on an indexed page that is relevant to those two terms. It even bolds them in your search results because that's what you searched for.

The cookie notice has the word "site" in it, so obviously it will show that because it appears on every page.

Here's some more results searching for the word "upload" using the expression site:xenmediagallery.com upload


Not a single result has any notice in it, yet there are notices that show on every page. It doesn't show the meta description, it doesn't specifically show the notice, it doesn't show anything other than what you searched for.

The only exception to that is where it cannot ascertain anything specific based on your search term it may choose something itself to show. That may be the forum description, it maybe some other text such as a notice. But the important thing is, in normal conditions, your users are seeing the content they're searching for. Nothing else.


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I'll consider myself told shall I. :whistle:

What this has taught me is not to put your forum name in text in the notice. Because you search for your forum name, it shows the notice as its relevant. Even if its a load of text about cookies.


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Obviously it is. The notice contains the word Xen Media Gallery and that's what you searched for. What do you expect it to put there?
if u search the domain like @arms "site: domain.com" did it will show the notice. this is not good and not welcome. its not blackhat seo to hide this notice. all of us vbseo users we were using vbseo's virtual html display to hide the notice from spiders for years with no problems.

the question remains. how to do it in xf ?

Chris D

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You seem to have a severe misunderstanding of how Google works, indexes content and then displays that in search results. My explanation was accurate and correct. Google indexes all content on the entire page and the text returned in search results snippets is based on the terms that have been searched for. arms didn't search the domain. "site:domain.com" searches a domain. "site: domain.com" searches for the word SITE and the URL - not at all the same.

Not going to explain it again, it's all there.

To answer your question, there is no "virtual html" function.

The only thing that is close is I have an add-on called Notifications. It uses JavaScript to display Notifications which could be used as a replacement for Notices. Google shouldn't be able to see those as the content is added to the DOM entirely with javascript.