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It would be very useful to be able to see statistics for each node. For example:
  • Top contributors.
  • Most active threads.
  • Most popular threads in the last X days.
  • Activity over time.
  • Top Locations. (which locations are the posters from)
  • Include subforums Y/N

Conversely it would be very useful to see node statistics on profile
  • Top Forums/nodes/categories sorted by posts
  • Top Forums/nodes/categories sorted by likes/ratings

In admincp statistics it would be nice to have a function to see the activity per node over time. With the function to include child nodes.

Such statistics would provide us with very valuable information about forums and members.
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I think tying statistics to GA or PWIKI would be very useful, but there are also limits in regards to privacy and Googles abstraction. GA is able to do things that XF will never be able to do. But XF will also be able to do things that GA will never be able to do. Simply because its part of the XF system and 100% your data, which means there are no limitations by Google.

The benefit of developing xenforo statistics more would also allow addons to make use of this data.

I think that forum Statistics are real estate for big boards that many admins do not recognize as valuable. We get a lot of requests from researchers. Last year a published scientific study demonstrated that our forum statistics could accurately predict trends much earlier than government statistics. Since then we get even more requests for permission to analyse my site for statistics.
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