Lack of interest Node Statistics Column


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At the moment, node statistics are displayed underneath the description - however on fluid (or wide fixed) styles there is a lot of wasted space between the node title and latest post box. It's not as noticeable on this forum, as there are no descriptions used - but on many other forums it adds to the length of the page when there is so much free space to the right.

Why not use columns or a box similar to the latest post box to display the node stats? This could be made to disappear when using a narrow responsive template.

With 1.1.x, I used some CSS styling to push the description out so that it looked like a column, but this is no longer possible with responsive styling enabled (or at least, I'm not good enough with CSS).

Would it be possible to add an option to the Forum / Node List style properties page so that we can choose to have the stats in a column please?