Fixed "Node extra" column on forum index: Link to "unread" instead of "latest"?


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The "node extra" column on the forum index page contains a link that points to the last post in the given node. I'd say it serves as a mechanism to get a glimpse of a node's contents right on the forum index page. One of our users has pointed out that it would make more sense if the link pointed to the first unread post (instead of the latest post). Otherwise you arrive at the very end of a thread which, he says, doesn't make that much sense to him. I tend to agree.

Whats actually shown there is the latest post, so one might argue that the link should point to the latest post, too, of course. But does this really make sense when actually using the forum? Wouldn't it make more sense to link to the first "unread" post?
This is actually something we can't do in XF 2.0 because we don't expose the data there.

In XF 2.1 we do. You'll notice that the links have changed from posts/1234 to threads/title.123/post-1234 because we now make sure the thread record is available there now.

With that in mind, from 2.1 onwards we can put the necessary logic in to display the /unread version of the link if the unread data is available.
Thank you for reporting this issue. The issue is now resolved and we are aiming to include that in a future XF release (2.1.0 Beta 5).

Change log:
Make use of the last thread info on the node_list forum/category templates so we can now expose a different link to users with unread data for a given thread.
Any changes made as a result of this issue being resolved may not be rolled out here until later.
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