No conversation emails anymore

Brett Peters

Well-known member
I am no longer receiving emails for new conversation posts on my site and am now wondering what could have gone wrong and how I can rectify this, all other emails are just fine and I am a little bit stumped on where to start.... Cron entry ?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Presumably you have emails for conversations enabled?

Did you make any changes prior to this happening?

Are there any errors in the server log in the ACP?

Can you list any add-ons you have installed?

Brett Peters

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Brogan to be honest I am not sure where to locate the option for emails for conversations to check the current status.
The only variables would be updating XF and Flexile, No other edits or changes come to mind.

Brett Peters

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Thanks Brogan unfortunately I have this checked but still no emails are being sent from my site for new conversations, Might have to do a fresh localhost install and look for the culprit.

If anyone is able to save me some time with a suggestion or thoughts on where to look it would be much appreciated.
Also if someone could send me a PM here on XF so I can verify that emails get sent (i know i know but i have to check)

Brett Peters

Well-known member
Its happening for all members, user registration options are correct.
I have a few add-ons installed which I will check but no recent changes other than updating XF and Flexile.

Has to be an issue somewhere on my end which I will look into in more detail later today when it is not 2AM