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I have been setting up the Feed Importer and testing out its use.

(XF Cloud fyi)

In the Message Template field, I am wondering if there are any limitations there.

For my example: I was attempting to reformat the url link to use URL unfurl="true" tag at the bottom where the source link exists.
I assumes the feed posts into a predefined forum in a normal fashion.

Unfortunately now my feeds generates a server error.
Exception: Error posting feed entry 6cdc6515-1d1e-43e3-b10b-1de85bcd87d6 for feed 1: Please enter a valid title. src/XF/Service/Feed/Feeder.php:128

Any ideas?(proceeding to delete setup feeds and start over).
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I deleted my feeds.

Rebuilt one using a known good url.

The server error repeats at each attempt to Import Now, without any edits in the Message Template field.

I think I glitched it lol.
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Sorry for the continuous update posts.

Had the feeds deleted for a few minutes now, and decided to look at mu feed page and low and behold, the feeds occurred and posted AFTER it was deleted.

Gonna sit back and think about this before trying again.
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