XF 1.5 Is there a way to count outgoing email messages?

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I'm taking the final steps in a major forum project (upgrade, style, addons, etc.) and we are looking at changing hosting as well, or upgrading what we have. Our current host seems pricey but on the other hand, includes unlimited outgoing email within reason. (In other words, no issues at all with XF's transactional emails.)

As I'm putting together various quotes to compare, I realize I have no simple way that I am aware of where I could count the actual number of outgoing emails. With SES, for instance, one message to 1,500 recipients is 1,500 emails sent. And I need to know this number if I am going to be able to estimate what SES is going to cost us in the long run.

The forum averages about 200,000 posts, 17,000 conversation messages, 2,500 new threads, and up to 1,000 new registrations per month, with each of them likely generating at least one email each. With that volume, the SES cost could be substantial and if it exceeded the cost of what we'd save by hosting elsewhere, I'd rather stay put.

I don't know if there is a way I could generate a stat in XenForo that would count the number of outgoing emails being sent, or estimated with some sort of database query (such as joining posts/threads to the number of members receiving alerts, etc.). Or if I could find a way to do it in PHP?

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