XF 2.2 Rogue Conversation - Bounce emails out of control question.


Hi There,

I have a situation where someone unintentionally has responded to a conversation that I believe has thousands of members on it from years ago.

I also think I am guilty of sending out this mass conversation like 5 years ago or more as a help guide; I also think I deleted this from my conversation as this might have happened before (I'm getting old, and memory is not as it was) but maybe this stayed in the user's conversation and not mine - and when someone replies to contact me they are unaware that it tries to message thousands of people and then sends thousands of emails that will most likely bounce anyways.

Our host SMTP server warned me about bounced emails and sending over 200 in an hour.

A few questions:
1) Can you mass-delete this from everyone's conversation? (sounds messy).
2) Can you turn off mass conversations/groups?
3) when you set a member state to "Invalid Email Address (bounced)" - will this stop emails being sent to that address from the system or is it just a holder so you know it's bounced?
4) is there also a way to limit the number of emails sent in an hour, as the bounce catches these all correctly and changes the user's state? but the damage is kind of done; I will probably need to see if I have gone on some lists.

I know this is my fault, thanks for any advice.

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