Not a bug No alerts received from Reports Forum

Lone Wolf

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XenForo have introduced a way for warnings to be dealt with via a thread rather than a report. I have a forum set up where all the reported threads/posts are posted.

Obviously nobody wants reported posts by User X to be seen by all the other users because reporting is a confidential thing. So this forum has the user permissions set to 'only thread starter can see the thread and reply to it'

Staff can see all threads and all replies in that forum. It helps to deal with reports quickly and fairly. I had this set up on my old VB forum as well.

One problem I've got is that no-one gets any alerts from that forum. There is no alert to the thread starter (the reporter), there is no alert to any of the staff that reply in that thread either. This is the only forum it happens in so I'm guessing it has something to do with the permission that only the thread starter can see his/her own thread.

Am I missing something here?

Lone Wolf

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Actually i just tested this on my demo forum by moving reported threads to a regular forum with no special permissions and I still get no alerts from reported threads. No alert about it's creation and no alert about posts being made in the thread


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They function just as threads so you will only get alerts if you've watched the thread/forum and the thread hasn't already received an alert since the last time you've read it.


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This will pretty definitively be about them not watching the thread. What you're doing isn't really the designed use for reported threads and because the thread is not actually being posted by the user, we won't have them automatically watch the thread or anything like that.

Lone Wolf

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Thanks guys. Is there a way to make all threads in forum X watched by all users they are viewable to and who have posted in that forum?