XF 1.5 No alerts for Welcome conversation on registration

Neutral Singh

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Recently, discovered this new feature. I enabled it and added a group of cheerleaders to welcome a new member... however, there is no Alert, when the welcome conversation is initiated so the new member or the other invited members never actually know that a group conversation has even been initiated.

Am i missing to select any checkbox or what?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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It appears to be intentional.


Inside of _sendWelcomeMessage():

$conversationDw->setExtraData(XenForo_DataWriter_ConversationMaster::DATA_SKIP_ALERT, array_keys($participantUsers));


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If no alert is sent on receiving a welcome conversation on registration, new users will have no idea of the conversation unless they specifically look in their conversations. They are likely to miss out on any important information contained in that message.

It seems strange to Not have an alert on a new conversation and unless there's a good reason for this, it seemed to be an oversight.


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This specifically relates to not sending alerts to people other than the new user. It's absolutely intentional that we don't bombard people who are invited to the conversation with alerts and emails on every new user. These users are added so they have the ability to respond if the "target" user responds.

Neutral Singh

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I think, this should be an admin definable option, where the selected members can be either sent an alert or an email or both...

i am using this option to welcome the new member by a group of cheerleaders (7 to precise with their consent, primarily, admins/mods/most active members), who would make him/her comfortable with an initial inviting environment. IMHO, the first few posts are the most difficult part for a new member. By giving him an initial cozy environment would make him/her a potentially long term member.

Is there anyway, we can by pass this condition...