As designed No alert when @+username is used


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Affected version
2.2.10 Patch 1
Normally when you mention somebody with @ and the username that person gets an alert. But when you edit a posting and add somebody like that it doesn't work.

There is only a notification when you're using for example @twollert in the original text of the posting without any additions.
I suspect it's intentional that it doesn't work on a post edit. It could be abused pretty easily... like what if you had userA in the original post, then edit that user to be userB (and not userA). Then you edit it back to userA and just keep doing that over and over... you would generate new alerts for userA and userB over and over more or less (until the user stopped making the edits back and forth). Seems to me it would just open it up to be a vector for spam.

I actually don't know, but does platforms like Twitter or Reddit generate alerts for user mentions that are added in via an edit after the fact? Seems like it would be the same issue for them unless they really put some backend logic/engineering into handling it. Like you would need a new table tracking which users were ever mentioned in a post historically to mitigate abuse like that.
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