XF 1.5 No alert when being tagged as admin


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On my board when a users tags me @Big T I do not get an alert. The option is checked so should work. Did I miss any permission? Other member have no problem.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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If they tag you when editing the message, an alert will not be generated.

If this is a persistent problem and happens when they tag you in a new message, too, then use the Analyze Permissions tool in the Admin CP to see what value they have for the "Maximum mention alerts per message" permission.


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It can be enabled/disable from the "Alert Preferences", if you know this already and it's already on then you might be using an add-on overriding the alert or something else.

Edit: sorry I just noticed you said it's enabled, try Chris method, if everything seems ok then try disabling all add-ons and see if it's working again.


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I think I sometimes get confused with the "0" setting as in vb it always meant unlimited, thanks again Chris.