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Fixed No alert should be sent for expired user upgrades if the user upgrade is disabled

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The function that downgrades expired user upgrades does not check if those user upgrades are enabled, hence when a user upgrade expires, a user receives an alert to renew a user upgrade that is no longer available to purchase.

I think the behaviour of downgrading a disabled user upgrade is correct, and there's a check in the code to ensure only existing user upgrades generate an alert, but there is no such check to ensure it can be purchased.

EDIT: I needed some sort of solution to prevent alerts because I've now migrated every one over to using my Xen Product Manager add-on and I didn't necessarily want to delete the existing data. I added a can_purchase check:

$upgradeDef = isset($upgradeDefs[$upgrade['user_upgrade_id']]) ? $upgradeDefs[$upgrade['user_upgrade_id']] : null;
if ($upgradeDef && !$upgradeDef['recurring'] && $upgradeDef['can_purchase'])
    // only alert if we know about the upgrade and it's not recurring
    // recurring upgrades should get some sort of notice if payment failed
    $alertUserIds[] = $upgrade['user_id'];
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