Newsletter subscription feature


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I have realized that I can increase activity by sending out a newsletter with the latest threads on a weekly basis. As of right now I send it out to all members who says OK to information from admin. Already I have seen some users, despite this option marked, that don't want the newsletter. I think I need some sort of unsubscribe like in the newsletter that the user can click. It should also be an option in the user profile where the user can choose wether to receive newsletter or not. I see that this could be linked to a specific usergroup that can be chosen in the "email user" section.

Does this already exist?


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Mailchimp would be huge.
What do you mean? I know mailchimp is an Internet service.

I want a function where I can tell the system that all new members agree to get a newsletter. If then a user for some reason does not want it the user should be able to remove the option in the profile or by clicking a certain link in the newsletter.