Marketplace and Subscription System for digital products

Felipo Antonoff

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Hello, I would like a Marketplace and Subscription System for digital products as a suggestion for a new feature for Xenforo.

One idea would be that we could have a subscription screen similar to the one on the Price page of Xenforo and we could have the option of one more type of subscription per customer, for example: Subscription to release resources, subscription to earn credits or individual subscription for certain products.

It would also be interesting to purchase digital products with Split for the creator to receive their share and the Forum/community their commission.

Shopping Cart Support to maintain a single order per Purchase, support the listing of Orders, view active subscriptions, be able to change payment methods for a subscription, be able to cancel a subscription or upgrade or downgrade.

In short, a rich resource focused on Marketplace, Subscription and direct selling of digital products.

I saw that there is Resources and being able to upgrade users, but I don't know if you already have a rich control of subscriptions and if the same user can subscribe to more than one subscription to release different benefits or products and what happens when he loses the subscription, It would still be nice to have access to the products purchased visually for when you want to renew the subscription, just not being able to download or ask for support until you sign up, in short, you need to have a clear history of invoices, subscriptions, their status and products/benefits related to it.

This idea is to encourage plugins and digital products market, mainly leverage platform communities, support developers, subscription to SaaS services among many other uses.

It could even be a new official add-on or within the resources that is a very good component and could improve even more.
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A fairly popular addon, but core would be a dream.